Remember how I was saying the other day that this was the year of DIYbio? You don’t? Well you weren’t at scibarcamb? You missed the new debate between scientists that do stuff at uni/industry labs all the time and those that don’t.

Anyway it definitely is the year of DIYBio….. for me and at least 20 or so people around the world. In no order (off the top of my head) here are some of the people I have talked to around DIYBio

  • Andy Gracie(UK)
  • Marc Dusselier(CH)
  • Yashas Shety(IN)
  • Cathal Garvey (IE)
  • Mac Cowell (US)
  • Jason Bobe(US)
  • Asa Calow(UK)
  • Hwa Young(UK)
  • Lisa Thalheim(UK)
  • Bryan Bishop (US)
  • Denisa Kera (CZ/SI)
  • The guys at HONF Indonesia(Akbar, Venza and Togar)
  • Tito(US)
  • Meridith(US)
  • Helen Bullard(UK)
  • Anna Dumitriu(UK)
  • tbc

Should you be on the list? Probably we haven’t had a long talk yet.

Did I get your geotag wrong? let me know, plus a link.

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