Lasersaur’ing in Newcastle (updated)

Nordt labs were resident in Newcastle over April. I managed to catch them at their final talk at ISISArt’s and at their temporary workspace at CultureLab. As you would know, lasersaur is one of a few open source projects (part)funded by a kickstarter call.

Having read about the project, it was great to get a better understanding of what motivates the development.

From my understanding, the lasersaur is quite easy to build small or large dimension laser cutters as it uses standard railings. This is different to other laser cutters that use specialised rails for the dimensions. The first prototype is big enough to do panels of cloth and leather for making clothing and shoes. At their time at Culturelab/ISISarts they concentrated on getting starter kits together for their community and beefing up the documentation. In the last few days they put together a lasersaur for the SF maker faire2011.

In the future I would love to make one……in conjunction with  Newcastles 15m2 of electronic hackery.

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