We have always been GMO

Initially I wanted a paper about how we should liberate(not kill) GMOS

this progressed to a manifesto that was on its way to an exegenesis, before a lot more concepts became important.


My central motivation is utilitarian and democratic,

Genetically Designed Devices have the potential to replace large unwieldy and expensive diagnostic equipment, whether it is for detecting pollutants (such as mercury and arsenic) in the environment or metabolites in our urine.

I know that the door is opening to trojan non-food genetic products such as the blue carnation(worldwide) and the glofish(us -cal only). There are already ‘release attempts(solar glofish)’ of these transgenic animals into the environment. There had been non transgenic glofish on the market, but they were fabricated……by injecting dyes into transparent fish, leading to limited lifespans.


Everyone is familiar with the spider silk goat, dolly the sheep, alba the bunny(10 years and still not out of captivity). And yet when it some to far simpler organisms such as bacteria with a gene construct, paranoia, and liability concerns prevents their exhibition.

(and their use in a home type situation)

Walls with built in growing pollutant detectors.

During my time at Interactivos’10 Science de Barrio. I started thinking, what is we could use these bacteria as sentinels, as genetic canaries, to warn of changes in the local environment, to be able to detect areas polluted with heavy metals and radioactivity. As beacon organisms. But what would need to chance for this?

A large shift in the EU publics attitude to GMO/GE technology. In my research i came across a number of manifestos of ANTI-GM websites, and to me it more seemed to be talking about distrusting the purpose oF GMOs , as well as the technology. More so, what might be a problem in industrial processing, (for instance the tryptophan deaths) is attributed entirely to GMOs

I have listened with interest to Orons talk on the first day, and how this democratic Asolimir conference got no media, and the idea was not considered important until Genetech floated with an insulin producing bacteria. This product has probably saved many lives, what with transgenic GH production, there has been a marked decrease in prion based disease.

Freeman dyson said that Genomes will be a new paint,……I don’t think so.. but he did have a point, what if adepts in plant breeding and animal breeding suddenly had this genome editing methods?

Will the brew shop be partnered with a biotech hobby shop?

Or will you pick up new devices from the mobile biotech lab that visits your neighborhood each week?

I have waited 10 years

I can wait a few more…..


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