Where we are now…

We made the mistake of ordering our supplies from America, just before Thanksgiving. To English people, Thanksgiving is that odd holiday with the turkey, but to Americans it is the equivilant of Christmas. At least, in terms of slacking off and taking a break, as the whole country shuts up shop for two weeks. While I appreciate that it’s a hectic life, and we all need a break, this was pretty worrying for the project, as we thought we were not going to get the kit’s to the UK in time to make them all.

Managing to squeeze our order in just before that, we got confirmation that our package was despatched from JFK airport last week… we now wait to find out what sort of import duty we face. Will it be the bog-standard (and wrong, in our case) 20%, or the very specific 2% for bicycle lights? We can’t predict the level of expertise our postie will have with European Import Duty levies.

Whilst waiting, we’ve put our time to good use by making this website, arranging bicycles with local charity Recyke-your-bike and studying the instructions for the SpokePOV… how much soldering? Yikes!

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