Finally, We Make Stuff*…

As Brian mentioned in his last post, we’ve got the kits! Extracting them from the bowels of Parcelforce was a mission, but on Tuesday night we were excitedly unpacking all the electric kits we needed to make this project work. And there’s a lot of kits.

packets of bits
Brian, being a man of science, doubted my ability with a soldering iron, so we arranged to meet up on Friday to take a look over the kits. We’ve been planning this project for ages now, so getting to hold a hot soldering iron was very exciting!

brian solderingPete soldering

The spokePOV’s (which is what we are using to make the bikes glow) have two parts to them. The first part is the big glowing bit which you put in your bike, but we made the other part – the bit that you use to upload information to the big glowing bit – which is called the USBtinyISP. Follow the link to see what we made; sadly, it’s not very exciting-looking, but it is important.
the components and toolsfor usbTinyisp almost done

Over the next few days, both myself and Brian have a lot on, so we each made one of the USBtiny things to take home. I was really amazed at how clear the instructions were, and I think we both found it really easy to work out at what stage we were at. That’s actually a really big accomplishment, because most of the tiny electronic doo-dads that make up the innards of gadgets all look the same.

As well as curing my fear of soldering complex electronics together, we also got a glimpse of how we were going to make the huge number of kits that we now have. We are both busy over the next few days, but we’ve now got hands-on experience of making this specific brand of kit – the next entry will be us making the things!

* with apologies to Bre Pettis

Text: Pete (photos Pete and Brian/Sctv)

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