Time Flies!

Blue SpokePOV test

Above, check out a picture of me testing a blue spokepov device in my kitchen. The blue ones are my favourite; they have special bright lights in them…

Time is just flying by, and myself and Brian are not dividing the work the way I thought would happen. Brian is doing all the hard organisational stuff, like filling in the health and safety form, and organising the photoshoot for tomorrow, and generally being really useful, while I stay locked in my room and solder our spokepov kits together!  I’ve got it down to just over an hour and a half per kit now, which is a big improvement on the three hours it took me to do the first kit.

Like I mentioned above, tomorrow we’ll be getting some pictures taken of ourselves and the Spokepov kits. We’re so busy at the moment! But because we are busy, that means that little things like Christmas shopping keep getting put off… although if I don’t get something for my girlfriend soon, I might be in big trouble! That’s because she’s agreed to help design some of the spokepov patterns, which we’ll be showing here soon.

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