Who we are, and what we are doing

This website is going to be a record of myself (Pete Hindle) and my collaborator (Brian Degger) as we prepare our project for the Glowmobiles parade.

The Glow festival is all about things that glow, and this New Years Eve, a parade of specially modified vehicles will be travelling from Saltwell Park in Gateshead, to Newcastle’s Civic Centre. This is part of a season of Glow-related events, including work by Newcastle-based artists, that will be happening during December.

Brian and myself will be keeping track of how the projects going here, and using this site to get the opinions of people on our designs. We’ll also be explaining the more technical sides of the work (with pictures!) so that other people can learn from what we’ll be doing. That’s important, because we are using some Open Source technologies that mean we have to share what we are doing with other people – not that we mind!

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