Art&domestic biotechnology

I am doing a residency at 25sg, turning the garage gallery into a space for domestic biotechnology.

Aims: investigating the process of growing microorgansisms as a domestic performance.

Materials: glowing bacteria, fish, eggs, DNA, mushrooms, gelatin, agar, various fermented “live” drinks, vegetarian and milkbased bioplastics. Outputs: skinning models of domestic artifacts, such as chairs, teapots, straws.

Methodology: trying out things space,using open source recipes by others and i am still ruminating on the “live” ness.

Crossover: wordage on the application meshes with mine, as 25sg talks about being an incubator, and it will literally be that for the period I am there. Leave a comment if you want to come and talk and learn a bit of biologyness.

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