Dr Brian Degger is an international artist and interdisciplinary researcher, with a background in biotechnology, based in Newcastle. He recently gave a paper titled “Technology transfer: present and futures in the Electronic Arts” to other researchers, artists and academics at the 7th Digital Arts and Cultures conference (Perth, Australia). This paper used case studies of Blast Theory(UK), SymbioticA(Australia) and FoAM(Belgium) to explore how artist access cutting edge technology or resources. This paper will be published in the next Fibreculture Journal.

He has experience working in interdisciplinary contexts in the arts and mixed reality gaming including Blast Theory and Ken Rinaldo. Through attendance of new media exhibitions and other art conferences in Berlin, Belgium, London, Adelaide, Newcastle, Barcelona, Huddersfield, and Prague, he has gained an overview of new and hybrid media. His arts interests lie in the art/science domain (esp Bioart, kinetic sculptures and robotics), where an art work can also be considered an experiment.

He and Pete Hindle have recently completed a commission (http://glowbikes.transitlab.org) for Glowmobiles, building, programming, installing and performing the light display kits (SpokePOVs from adafruits in NY).
He is a current recipient of an Artist Access to Art Colleges(AA2A) placement, based in the Fine Arts at Newcastle University where he is designing and making

a) a social robotics piece

b) a passive solar sculpture

He teaches the New Media and the Arts Module as part of the Media and Cultures MA at Northumbria University and is working on a paper on the locative arts.

Abbreviated travels/stasis

Adelaide(Oct 2004)-> Denver-> Canyon City-> Dublin-> Prague-> Dublin-> Amsterdam -> Galway-> London-> Keswick-> Talinn-> Helsinki-> Keswick-> Glasgow-> Newcastle-> Berlin-> Prague-> London-> Newcastle-> etc etc etc

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