Grafting of plant//animal persuasion

  • Prawn trees flapping in the wind
  • Humane meat production grown on trees
  • New rootstocks invented that supports vertebrate life, but not nerves
  • Enhanced HPI (Human plant interaction) via FoAMs GPLd process
  • antiGM/ProGrafting green credentials
  • Non-terminatorTM Technology
  • High tech embodied in easily maintainable low infrastructure processes
  • Grafting for food
    GRAfting seems to be a biotechnology that people are most comfortable with. It dosent even factor into their thoughts in the artificial(must be bad) vs natural(must be good) debate. However, grafting is a recent biotechnology, far younger than fermentation and only a few decades older than genetic manipulation.I want to think about GRAfts that have the potential to get people thinking. So I am thinking about xenografts, between animal and plant, where the plant is the rootstock, the animal the ‘fruit’. In this I am informed by the human plant interface idea of

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