What I like and what I love to do

What I like (a no means exhaustive list that excludes the ever-present friendships and families and networks that sustain me ) :

  • slow science, preservation techniques in times of excess for times of little, systems, and systems analysis, using appropriate technologies, not just the ones that are being sold to us.
  • To learn from other cultures
  • gambiarra/makeshift/makedo/kludge techniques.
  • this time of surplus where the dollar/pound/euro shops are selling us amazing technologies for a pittance. I buy the cool solar powered light for a £1, because, chances are, it will retain its use till I die or cannibalise it for parts
  • personal fabrication: of personalised designs designed using open source toolchains and equipment.
  • smart design (like the spork, or sofie the giraffe), that embody a lot of thoughtfulness in it design
  • the pseudo-sciences of recipeology and workshopology where knowledge(such as how to etc) is packaged in a format for ‘consumption’  [also something I love to do]
  • the promise of DIYbo and personalised SynthBio