Biohackers, Biopunks and others

“Biohacking is the practice of engaging biology with the hacker ethic. Biohacking encompasses a wide spectrum of practices and movements ranging from “Grinders” who design and install do-it-yourself body-enhancements such as magnetic implants to do-it-yourself biologists who conduct at-home gene sequencing.”

Broadly, I can see three main types

grinder: body flesh hacker magnets in fingers
quantified self people: tracking their life, non-invasive
diybio: hacking life in a petri dish

Paula Stradina History of Medicine Museum


Transplantation of a dog-head in the GDR by Vl...

Transplantation of a dog-head in the GDR by Vladimir Demichow in 13. January 1959 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paula Stradina was a prominent physician in Riga, Latvia, and bequeathed the  private collection of artefacts that started the city’s History of Medicine museum. The exhibition starts with prehistoric times, through dioramas demonstrating the state of medicine in those days. This includes skulls with reconstructions of arrow wounds, and the first operations in trepanning. The museum’s exhibition then goes through traditional and tribal medicine, the start of pharmacy, and up to modern times.
About the strangest thing at the museum is the panel on Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov and his experiments with dogs. In order to investigate heart and lung transplantation, the head of a small dog was grafted into the circulation of a larger dog. This showed that an organism could be supported by a circulation not its own.

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